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Jimi's Girl

Foreword: I was inspired by Jimi Hendrix to write this, so I Interspersed it with titles of songs from some of tracks.

Jimi's Girl

Is it Love or Confusion she feels

Amongst the Purple Haze

As she gazes from where she stands

This Little Miss Strange

All Along the Watchtower

She feels the Power of Soul

Through the noise of the Crosstown Traffic

She hears the shouts and rhythms of Let the Good Times Roll

She's just a free spirit looking through Gypsy Eyes

Travelling her world only she can define

In a Rainy Day to Dream Away

When tomorrow she feels I Don't Live Today

Her Bleeding Heart guides her on

Through Valleys of Neptune and beyond

Her eyes are Crying Blue Rain

Tears fall, as sun falls, light is gone

In the Burning of the Midnight Lamp

Can you See Me by the flickering flame

On this Long Hot Summer Night

Through the Purple Haze she hears her name.


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