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Jealous Eyes of Winter

Foreword: This piece is my entry attempt into a poetry writing competition using the prompt, Book to Spring.

Leaves dried they scattered

Blown aside as she wafted by

Breeze once so strong

Sees her foe approaching, tears cried

Clatter as they scatter onward

Leaves dry as snake skin shed

Hunchng over, crunching over

Dragging winters feet, soon dead

Raging voice now silent

All but a whimper

No longer has hold on us

Fallen silent has her temper

Realising her foe

Now awakened and risen

Her hold on my world

No longer a given

Risen like a Phoenix

Wings bright as passionate fire

Hope springs eternal

Kills winters desire

Last chapter of winter finished

Final page torn from within

Jealous eyes of winter, peer, scowl at me

As I open my book to Spring.

(©) Dom Giddy 2021

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2 comentarios

Great poem. Looking forward to the one about summer !!

Me gusta
Dom Giddy
Dom Giddy
29 mar 2021
Contestando a

Very kind, thank you. No doubt there will be a piece about summer!

Me gusta
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