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It'll Always Come Knocking.

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Foreword: This piece is how it feels for me to  suddenly be consumed by anger and darkness with no tangible reason or sense to it. I barely understand it myself, so dare not think anyone else will. The dark depression, the hopeless feelings resulted in this piece. The rage builds inside my skull Pressure valve turning On it goes, almost burning, with no sense of lull

No reason to be there Not that I can see Creeps up on me, refuses to let me be

I sit with numbness once again Like an uninvited guest Inability to be rid of them a reason I detest

Sat beside me with sarcastic stare Gaze ever unwavering It holds my gaze for far too long, play the cruelest game of dare.

So what do I do whilst this demon crawls? Throughout the dank corridors of my mind Leave it be or front it out, run or have a brawl?

And then it's gone as swift as appeared It stirred the cauldron Mixed the fears

But really it's mocking Wants to make you think it's gone In reality, hiding, letting you think you've won

Unfamiliar feelings a storm in my mind No date too far away No understanding of time

Reality, and clarity It's always blocking Heck, one things for sure, it'll always come knocking 

(©) Dom Giddy 2019

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