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Inky Black Depths

Sat adrift atop inky black depths

Peer over the side into the ebb and flow

Mirrored images distorted stare back at me

Scream of gulls above mock me go

Frayed ropes cling like my hopes to your side

Soaked in salt water from my tears

Interspersed with my hopes for us I cannot hide

Anxiety rises against our side like the waves swell of a storm

You hold firm bow and stern despite appearance to her, battered and worn

With no warning, clouds gather light darkened to mirror inky black depths below

You will protect me, keep me safe from harm I know

For even when like me, you are creaking, twisting are close to breaking

Staying atop inky black depths afloat

Is the fight I'll win, the storm defeated

Let's rest awhile in harbour, peaceful and still

Frayed ropes hold strong to you, steadfast

Storms grasp, we are now free, we can feel.

©lyricallifebydg2021 Dom Giddy.

Photo by Andre Estevez from Pexels

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