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If Our World Was a Cube

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Foreword: Climate change, the state of our planet, the future for my children concerns me greatly. I don't really know what the future holds for our beautiful planet in my lifetime or my childrens. I  do know massive changes need to happen. These concerns and my imagination for a different world I have set out in verse.

Imagine if the world was a cube And really not a ball Too close to the edge we'd get I wonder, would we fall?

If we fell, where would we dwell? In an abyss surrounded by the darkness? Stare into it we would maybe see our likeness?

Square not round, Emotions run aground

Our beautiful rock Tumbling through outer space

Imagine the shock For the human race

To discover our world All around us not round

In a cardboard box opened The human race is found

Vulnerable and small Peering out from within

Wishing with all our might To go back where we've been

Exhausted by the emotion Realised our destruction

To start again, plant not cut down Surely our creator Looks on at us with a frown

Weeping at what we've done to his world The needed change As obvious as a flag unfurled

Nurture and care for our world We should have done Unravelling chance to save ourselves Having far too much fun

To notice the obvious issues around Too many to even mention 

Problems abound

So many are found Ignoring the need

To scream out loud

Would we have taken it more seriously? If our world was a cube And not round.

(©) Dom Giddy 2019

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