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I Thought and I Think.

Foreword: I have awoken today after a particularly rough night sleeping on a sofa at the side of  our 7 month old puppy. I am staying with family and it is an odd environment for him  I am alone in the house with ironically, a sleeping puppy! I sit and find my busy brain thinking.

I sat and I thought I thought and I think Wondering some days Is my mind on the blink?

I wonder I wander My mind through the plains Of the infinite pathways My thinking through days

Left like a ship No one at the helm Who knows where I'll be Which universe? Which realm?

On calm boat lake waters Or on high seas lost in a storm On-wards in positivity Or held back with sails torn

Left in silence My thoughts surround me Clock ticks, time passes by Setting my mind free

Spread thoughts on wings Thinking thoughts take to the sky Then a jumble of logic Not always to fly

Too much time I give To let thoughts take hold Pray to my saviour more As I grow old

You see, believe what you will I in God or you in your own Even as I sit here I am never alone

So I sit and I thought And I thought and I think Logic becomes clear again My mind's not on the blink.

(©) Dom Giddy 2019

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