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I Know.

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Foreword: This piece is about knowing what I think I know! Knowing that I'm not in the best of health but also recognising my depression prone mind can let me believe negative thought patterns if I let them take over. It's recognising that the important people in my life care, and recognising there is always a way out into the light. 

I know I'm not unique with this 

I know I'm one of many

I know my pain is more or less

Of no interest to so many..

I know I shout into the wind

I know I'm one of many

I know I stand to be heard

But lost amongst the many..

I know my story is lost in the crowd

I know it blends in has no poise

I know it dissipates past your ears

Lost as pure white noise..

I know to look, you see nothing 

Nothing wrong with me

Occasional limp, occasional creak

In my head I plea 

I know you don't see what I see 

See or feel what's real for me 

You've no reason I can see

Why would you? You're not me..

I know inside I have to trust 

Despite doubts inside of me

I'm so tired now of this fight

Of this insecurity..

I know the faith inside of me

Is not imaginary 

Not a whim nor a fad

It's more than visionary.

(©) Dom Giddy 2020

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