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Forever Bound.

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Foreword: A departure from my usual style of writing for this piece. I wrote this about my love for my wife, how our love for each other has endured difficult times and challenges, and how I truly believe our first meeting in 1997 was by no means a coincidence but part of Gods plan.

I look at you As you look at me I'm lost in a pool of sparkling diamonds Your love a clarity, refreshes my soul..

Your love for me, unfathomable to me Blessed in the truest sense I feel To know you, to have you near Blessed am I to be loved so dearly..

Our paths written out for us Our meeting no coincidence God I believe determined our collision Colliding way back when, for me makes so much sense..

A turn for either one of us Down a different avenue of life What we would have missed leaves me in awe.. Of the way our paths were expertly woven together..

We have formed our own love tapestry Along it's edges are some fraying strands Not due to tiredness or being worn out But because of our strong love constantly being intertwined..

No bonds are strong enough to keep our love down No darkness can overcome the brilliant light of a love set strong in the stone of Gods destiny..

Even if that stone were to be cast into the surf.. We would sink to the sand below together No matter how powerful the tide or storm We are forever bound..

(©) Dom Giddy 2020

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