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Fear..Still Here

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Foreword: This piece is a continuation on the theme of fear. I am part of a very healthy online poetry community, predominantly on Instagram. One of the poetry challenges I have taken part in is part of a video spoken word chain. This incorporates poets from all over the world. The theme given to me is "Fear Of" I was given my first line, "Who wants to die without stories" which, incidentally is the last line of the poem before mine in the spoken word chain! I then had to compile a piece within 48 hours, and record the video.

As I write this foreword, I have not seen the finished recording of all the works. I am very much looking forward to viewing the finished recording with all of the other poets.

Looking back, the inspiration for my piece is based upon my fear of living without faith and knowing God's truth.

Who wants to die without stories?

Discarded like yesterday's news


Fear of the fear constantly gnawing?

Fear of fear tightening around my throat

Fear of the surrounding inky black darkness

Choking air from my being

Bony hands grip deaths leathery harness..

Fear of being left

Forgotten, discarded on a dark dusty shelf

Abandoned unread book

Breeds in me a fear of fear itself..

Fear of myself drowning

Losing sight in the dark

Sinking in icy cold depths

Surrounded and trapped by my own self doubt sharks..

They prey on the stench

The odour of fear

Seeping like blood from me

Run down my skin, macabre tears..

In fear of bloody trail left in my wake

Cold clammy sheets

Saturated with salty fear

Bolt upright I sit, stinging eyes awake..

Fear of you knowing

Of my Fear and fear showing

I'm in fear of always being fearful

Of never being near you..

Whispers grow louder

To a deafening crescendo

Fear screams in my head

You need to listen now..

©) Dom Giddy 2020

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