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Fear, I'm Here

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Foreword: This piece is my take on how fear would speak to me if it were a person. How fear feels to me in the midst of a depressive episode and how it can be all encompassing.

Fear here

Do you hear me?

I know you can sense me

It's obvious you feel me..

You know I know you?

How I adore to consume you

Ravish every inch of you

I'm going to implode you..

You cannot protest against me

The darkest of shadows won't hide you

On the widest of seas I'll find you

Damn sure I'm going to sink you..

I will make you freeze

I will make you colder

You can scream and holler

It won't make you any bolder..

You see I don't suppose you've grasped?

How I can rip away your mask

Expose your bones of fear

Like your skin I'm forever here..

I will rock you back and forth

With overwhelming force

Of me you'll never talk

With you I'll always walk..

Your voice stolen I will keep

Behind you I will creep

No one to catch those tears you weep

As into your soul I seep..

I am your worst of friends

Nor care for you, or defend

I'm always going to find you

Fear, I'm here to define you.

(©) Dom Giddy 2020

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