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Fallen Words.

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Foreword: I have previously written pieces on Dementia. It is an illness I am far too familiar with from a personal perspective. My own mother Christine passed away from the disease in 2001. She was in her mid 50's. From diagnosis to her passing was a heart breaking 6 years. Now in the year 2020, the memories, experiences, and the affect it had on myself, my father and my brother are still quite profound. I think this piece comes from a place of my own uncertainty and how what we hold so dear and take for granted can be snatched away so easily from us.

The words they fall away from her mind

Tumble and crash

Too shattered to find..

Trodden and kicked across the floor

Stepped on with fear

As she bolts for the door..

The crack and the crunch as her weight bears down

Like broken glass under foot

Rekindles her frown..

The sound so familiar now only brings fear

Reminiscing memories glazed

Replaced with her tears..

Looks at the faces she once knew so well

Familiarity deserted her

In own personal hell..

Now only sits, forgotten how to walk

The fit was the sucker punch

Forgotten how to talk..

Robbed from her mind the ability to be

The one God intended

For her to always be..

Her face still familiar to those all around

Her eyes showed her soul

But it could not be found..

Robbed from her on the day the cells died

Helpless to help her

With us left to cry..

To mourn the should have been

Of times we'll never know

You were, you are, still our Christine.

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1 Comment

Oh Dom, this one. Your words are beautiful. Thank you for sharing this one. 💙

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