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Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Foreword: Whenever I see a piece of driftwood washed up on a beach, my imagination is ignited. Turning to thoughts of where the driftwood started it's voyage. What tree did it once belong to? If it could speak, what adventures, past memories would it impart? Would it yearn for it's previous life? I liken this piece to lifes journey, past experiences, fond memories of times gone by, past regrets, but also looking ahead to the future.

Driftwood I wonder if you could?

Or if you even would?

Tell me of your journey

Salt soaked mystery of learning..

Have thousands of miles left you yearning?

For memories of places past still burning?

Stored in your knots of knowledge

Honed when you stood tall and growing..

Proud and strong where folks would gather

Beneath your canopy to banter..

Do your salty tears now mix?

Within the ocean you're now fixed?

Floating on the tides of time

The reasons as you search to find..

Cut from your place of solitude

Splintered pieces, torn removed..

Driftwood cast on sandy shore

Breathe deep for now, rest some more..

Your oceans journey now at its end

I know your worth to me my friend.

A new purpose with a new beginning

Wisdom to impart, never ending.

(©) Dom Giddy 2020

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