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Foreword: My interpretation of how it feels for me during the days following a mental health flare.

The clearing of the mist

Lifts from the landscape of my mind

Once the valleys and plains so dark

Now slightly lighter, my way out to find

The storm has passed over

At least for now, the trickle of water I hear

Songbirds sing, gentle breeze does blow

Calmness replaces fear

Heightened senses try to hide away

Disappear into the shadows

I'm not fool enough to think, I know

They'll call me back to grace their gallows

In amongst my chaos completely lost

I was alone and so stratospheric

So high above I'd lost sight of me

Self worth self hate so catastrophic

I screamed the scream so silently

Wanted my world to forget the pain

I ached so much the intolerable ache

Not sure I can face being ripped apart again

That was then, this is now

The raging demons have departed

My mind calmer now, clearer today

Clarity returning slowly, it's started

For when I hear that call in future days

I hope to be completely different

For behind, around and at the side of me

An army stands defiant

(©) Dom Giddy 2021

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