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Dare To Dream

Crystals, jewells and diamonds, dance in summers light

Sparkle, play, shimmer and sway, hypnotic mesmerising delight..

Infinite golden grains trodden apon below

Shimmering heat dances above the sands

Where lovers walk, exchange embrace,

Fall in love again, laugh hold hands..

The next step on life's wild adventure

Where many a dream was born gazing to the ocean..

Butterfly's soaring, eyes searching above the waves,

roll with tide of rising emotion..

Infinite diamonds sparkling before me implore

Dare to dream as crystals and jewells gently caress the shore..

Rolling galaxies reflections of your beauty

Remind me of what I have, of who I could be..

Forgotten footprints in the sand left behind

Undiscovered mysteries ahead still to find

Breeze gently blows to erase a sign or trace

Yet nothing could erase my memory of this place.


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