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Cupid Stupid

Foreword: One day specifically to celebrate love? Valentines day, commercial nonsense? Retailers and businesses jumping on the money making bandwagon? Whatever your's mine.

Cupid with just a bow and arrow?

I wonder, ain't that a bit narrow?

To think that's how love gets us

You know, scholars think his mum is Venus

Cupid the god of desire

Smouldering embers turn to inferno fire

Erotic love, attraction and affection

I think his arrows have caused an infection

Or is it the irresistible pheromones?

When they ask for the phone

To enter their digits in

Sit and wait for the call..left fidgeting..

Commercialisation of love infects a nation

Valentines day, poisoned love potion, sedation

One day to say I love you even more?

Emotions and expectations spilt all over the floor.

In suspense and left so tense

Courting dance, two left feet, full of pretence

Peacock strut, ignored and muted

God of desire? Cupid? God of Love? Don't be so stupid.


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