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Complexity Of The Complacency.

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Foreword: I wrote this piece about the ongoing coronavirus worldwide pandemic. About my own feelings and disbelief at how some countries across the globe seem to be in complete denial that it exists. How some social media posts would have you believe it's all a conspiracy theory. How some governments seem to ignore the whole affair putting their citizens at risk. I understand and appreciate that life has to continue and a way forward found, but surely not by being careless with unnecessary loss of life.

The complexity of this insecurity 

Is messing with my sanity

This situation is just lunacy

Diplomacy no more..

Percentage of population display an idiocy 

They strut as though they have supremacy 

Over virus they think they can see

With no fear for you or me..

This feeling of complacency 

Seems plain for you and I to see

Some groups display stupidity 

With life itself they dance..

Society has vulnerability 

Within it's own communities 

Wake up you fools this ain't no conspiracy 

To make us tow the line..

To think that you think it's unbelievable 

I think your mind is unchangeable 

Ask the families it's affected to see

Immunity doesn't come for free..

The planet affected almost in it's entirety 

Highlighting governments of the world mediocrity 

To deal with what common man could see

Viral ravaging of our countries..

So, whether you theorise in conspiracy 

Or that's not your mentality 

One thing I can see quite clearly 

Is your dumbass point of view.

(©) Dom Giddy 2020

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