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Foreword: I was listening to a podcast recently on which I heard the phrase "I know it's another cliche" I forget exactly the cliche the podcaster was referring to, however I couldn't seem to lose the phrase from my mind. So I wrote this piece!

Why is it a cliche?

Another fact or hearsay?


Just because you say?

Trite, overused and worn out?

An expression used so much, it's lost clout

On its last legs

And burnt out..

Stereotypical and political

It's become lazy, forgetful and hypocritical

To the sharpest point

Of becoming critical..

He's got a shaved head, up ahead

So carefully pass him you must tread

Scars on his face where once he bled

He's made it now, forced in to lay, his bed..

Teens gather with hoods up too

No good then they must be up to

Hunting like hyena packs to scare you

Fed by fear and media hype..true..

So before we go

Ensure the facts you know

Rather than lazily bestow

Another cliche to seed and grow.

(©) Dom Giddy 2021

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