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By His Hands.

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Foreword: I wrote this piece as a response to my heightened anxiety waiting for a phone call from my employers occupational health service. Due to ongoing migraine issues and depression, an outcome of this conversation could be loss of my employment.  Subsequently I am rather anxious and am really trusting that God has my situation completely under control despite my fears.

Heightened awareness Heart rate rising Tugging and pushing me Brain is frying

Not knowing what to expect Anxious thoughts I do detest

Overwhelming tide of fear Mocking me, taunting me The time is near

To find if it lives or dies This fear in me It taps and prys

Into the pool of hidden depths Diving down The light suppressed

But despite it all I look to him My saviour of all To trust I win

Triumph over all that's dark Even if unseen The sum of parts

To point me in the right direction Not to dwell On bad reflection

As no matter what happens I still stand Held steady and strong by his hands..

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