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BraVe oR STuPid?

Is it brave or is it stupid?

Rhetorically as I enquire within myself

Sensing sense is AWOL

Although 'to be fair' which appears lately a popular turn of phrase..

I'm feeling pretty lucid.

The answer unknown, so none expected

Like a delivery promised between 9 and 1

You anticipate and hope it will be there..

Just unsure whether this package contains a smoking gun.

Wondering alone

I have a bone..

To pick with myself

To be Frank..

I've done it 'My Way' far too often

My mind hardened to acceptance rather than softened.

Just one confusing ride after another on a signless bus tour..

Around..and around..

Just trying to get found....


By that man, by that boy

Blagged it with the best of them..

Baa'd like a sheep with the rest of them..

The one who stood tall..

Never got taken for a fool.

Where did he go?

How did he know?

Where was the memo?

On how to compartmentalise the baggage..

The bags marked trauma and tragic?

I think I prefer not to be lucid..

I think I'd prefer if my past were elusive.

Wash it away

Sluice it down the sink

So I don't even have to think..

Brave or stupid

Stupid or brave..

I want to revert to factory settings

Instead of clicking on file menu..



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