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Beautiful to Behold

Foreword: My concerns for our planet continue. I am overwhelmed by the scale of the problems our planet and environment face. Watching the celebrations on TV recently about the moon landings and our planet, seeing the world from space has inspired me to think more about this precious place we call home.

This sphere we live on Beautiful to behold Spinning in the inky darkness Are we out of control?

Held, suspended Stars surround us We need to look and wake up

Delicate atmosphere above us

In it we all trust

Peer on in from the depths of space The only rock we have Scuttling around, in ourselves consumed Is the human race

Bigger than ourselves we are Too ignorant to realise, Governments disguise, they run and hide The power millions despise

The beauty which  is dying, Our diversity declining Or to face in again This planet we are defiling

Ignore ourselves at our peril The actions of the masses Too busy with our own achievement Arms aloft raising glasses

Celebrating mans achievement At the expense of this beautiful world Let's wake up and smell the coffee Before younger generations we hurl

A planet not fit for purpose A world dead, desolate and cold Before we have no sphere to live on Once so beautiful to behold...

(©) Dom Giddy 2019

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