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Foreword: Words after a mental health incident, crisis, flare up. Whatever label it is given, getting the aftermath into words I find can be helpful for healing.

The calm after the storm

Leaves devastation in it's wake

What could have beens, leave regrets unseen

Minds eye now blank without a trace

In wasteland walking I find myself

Tentative steps ahead I take

Rubble surrounds me for mile upon mile

I search for signs of self love not hate

Dirt and grit get in my eyes

The dusts of doubt blows across the plains

Tears roll down my face once more

Glistening with pain

Desolate I sit and wait

Watch the tears soak in the dust

Salty painful rivers run

Disappears in cracked earth crust

The sun will rise on me once more

I'll feel my warming skin

The tears will dry, leave darkened stains

My battle scars, I win.

(©) Dom Giddy 2021

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