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Another Kid.

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Foreword - I am concerned and worried about the level of knife crime in this country.  A popular soap opera on TV set in the east end of London has been running a storyline about the devastating effects of knife crime. And only tonight on the evening news was a report about two teenagers dying in a 24 hour period after being stabbed. I have no personal experience of the effects this brutal crime has on all involved, however, I felt compelled to write something in an attempt to highlight the pointless loss of life resulting from this type of crime.

Another kid taken up arms.. With his blade Determined to harm.

Stalks the streets with hate in his eyes.. Instilling fear.. Obsessed to paralyse.

His victim, he does not hear.. The pleadings.. Of loved ones so dear

To end the waste of lives.. The fight and the pain.. He wants to run, but cannot hide

From gangs recruiting the weak.. Too scared to stand up.. Than show the face of the meek.

From his peers happy to mock.. If he doesn't stand up.. Prove he's hard as rock.

He can't run away, trapped by his pride.. Hoodie on.. Blade grasped by his side.

Eyes down, tunnel vision he sees.. Street soldier not stopping.. Until his anger set free.

By plunging his blade into flesh.. Never ending screams he hears.. He knows his life is a mess.

Strobe blue lights, dance and bounce off the walls.. Rights read, cuffs on.. No longer standing so tall.

In his cell tears fall to the floor.. Realisation sets in.. Of actions before.

If only the blade he had left.. Not touched it.. He's left alone, now bereft.

A kid who took up arms with his blade.. So determined to kill.. Facing a stretch.. I doubt that time will ever heal.

(©) Dom Giddy 2018

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