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Another Dollar

Another dollar, different day

More in the pot before you fade away

Another day, another dollar

The poverty stricken unheard above the holler

Streets paved with gold for the minority few

With the rest left drowning in a make do and fend soup

Fend for yourself if you ain't white and rich

Is stop and search a scratch police have to itch?

Policing the state? Wait! The state of the police

Is what we have here when values decrease

Vetting procedures turn a blind eye to beguile

The innocent stopped for your pleasure defiled

Denial, the new craze sweeping through at the top

Is it just me, or is it time this shit stopped?

Behind that closed door doesn't mean you're immune

To the rules and the regs you forget all too soon

They're making a mockery of a population

The power crazy few over a nation

Ply us with lies like some perverse sedation

The blind lead the sighted into confusion

Another dollar another pound

The rattle of your coffers makes a deafening sound

Another pound another dollar

To keep you in starch for your stiff choking collar.

Choked to the reality of the mess deep within

Sell out your soul on the cheapest of whims

We're alright Jack is how you get through

The rest of you jerks, get to the back of the queue.


Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

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