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Alone In My Head.

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Foreword: I was determined that my next piece would be upbeat and uplifting! I have to say I am going to disappoint! Apologies. I have had the phrase 'Alone in my head' ricocheting around the editing suite of my mind for the last few days. I know exactly why this is. Because I have been spending a lot of time 'Alone in my head' So many thoughts and concerns about my health spinning throughout my mind constantly. The way you see the world can change in an instant with incessant health worries. One thing remains steadfast for me though. Despite being scared, despite not knowing what the future holds, or if there will be any tangible answers, I know through faith God walks with me in my pain. 

I spend a lot of my time 

Alone in my head

Listen to far off echoes

Noise of many fears being fed..

Laying in the dark 

The silence mocks me in my bed

Fire flys of chaos spin

When I'm alone in my head..

Imagining the critters 

As they scurry and they tread 

Catching glimpses from the corner of my eye

When I'm alone in my head..

I try to sit and pray away

The fear that feels like lead

Hanging heavy weights from me

When I'm alone in my head..

The silence screams at me when I'm alone in my head 

it spits into my ear

Grabs my arm and every limb 

Relishing my fear..

Sits on shoulders, digs in nails

To pierce them so I bled

To mark it's spot, to claim it's lot 

When I'm alone in my head .

The ringing ears, the pulsing waves

Like a cruel taunt they said

You can run but you can't hide 

When you're alone in your head..

There is no promise nor guarantee 

You'd cure me of pain or ill

But walk and hold me along the way

I know you always will..

So when I'm laying in the dark 

And the silence mocks me in my bed

You walk with me and I won't be 

So alone in my head. 

(©) Dom Giddy 2020

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