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Foreword: Fear is something we all experience and feel at some point in our lives. Recently I have been fearful for my children, as they have just moved into a new year group at school. Fearful for the future of my country due to political uncertainty. Fearful for our planets future. Fearful of getting stuck in a rut. I needed to let the fears out. I have done this in verse.

Fear is real It's here and now

As I sit or stand I wonder how

Do I fight or flight? Do I run and hide?

Into the darkness Inside my mind

Anxiety demons Stir from their slumber

Unchain depression Hail as their master

They stand afar Not too far to hide

Mocking me, taunting me Destroying my pride

Holding me back from the man meant to be Trapped in a cell, never meant to be free

Fear for myself of not stepping out Migraines, depression, like to give me a clout

Fear for my children in a cruel perverse world Into the seething jaws of life they're hurled

Stand by feeling hopeless and helpless am I This world that surrounds me, passes me by

Mistakes I have made, too many to store A brain in my skull, don't want to make more

Fear of not meeting the mark Fears become real whilst laying in the dark

Want to protect, but also let free Fear of striking the balance for me

I look to the sky And pray to my God

He hears anxieties of lives Where others have trod

Trust in him is all I can do Believe in his word, and all that is true

For fear will consume us if we let it run free Consuming us all and all we can be

So face it and fight it I so want to do Instead of it binding me like some bizarre glue.

(©) Dom Giddy 2019

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