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Foreword: I wrote this after seeing a poetry prompt of "Here's to better days ahead"

I truly believe there are, and with it being a grey, wet and windy day, I wanted to write something positive.

Here's to better days ahead

Which in today's crazy shook up world

Results in suspension of such thoughts

From entering my head..

Yes the skies are grey

The outlook can seem gloomy

But more powerful than that

Is the love you always show me..

For above the grey, blue sky waits

Knowing soon you will be seen

Beyond horizons are your reach

Positive over negative, she is queen..

Better days ahead

Are waiting to be found

They're not buried under heaps of doubt

Nor a mass of ropes all bound..

The clouds will part I have no doubt

To reveal sunlit paths ahead

Sparkle and shine, celebrate and know

Here's to better days ahead.

(©) Dom Giddy 2021

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