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Foreword: Trying to make sense of mental health struggles and the aftermath of a crisis set out in words.

What's occurring?

As my brain is burning

About all the thoughts

That have gone before

Brain cells whirring

Buried feelings start stirring

Rise up spill all over the floor

Slipping and sliding

As emotions take a hiding

I'm trampled on all over again

You'd think I'd be learning

As my crazy train lays burning

Derailed beyond any repair

From baring my soul you'd think I'd refrain

As smoke rises into the air

Smouldering wreckage all twisted and tangled

The runaway train of my soul laid bare

Hang on a second, just wait for a minute

Take a look at myself through the smoke

A healing between my ears is what's occurring here

A reset of decades gone by

But I can't rush the pain, this indelible stain

Try to talk not be silent again

(©) Dom Giddy 2021

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