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It's quite simplistic, almost to the point of being unrealistic

When I sit and think about my place in the world today

Akin to seasons changing, sands of time harsh, scar me, Almost maming

A rudderless ship, some days, no way points, lost my way

One day so different from the last, yet so alike as the ones before

Good intentions to rescue myself shot to pieces by my hidden demons as I step onto the shore

Not to worry as I kid myself again, there's always tomorrow I tell my numbing brain

Despite not always believing myself due to that nagging doubt again

Sleep some more, meditate they implore, to rescue my mind and soul

My soul was rescued even before I was born, forgiven despite seeing my wreckage unfold

Too much white noise screams whilst trying to destroy my mind full of trauma needing to be told

How long will it take for my mind to escape those screams with the cold staring eyes

Indelibly marked macabre tattoos so obvious they cannot be denied

Unmovable solid granite canyon floor has been hit. Dusty, parched and dry, no roots can grow here, for me this is it.

Decades blown through have gotten me here

Child to adolescent into man holding fear

For fear will not hold me, no matter how long it takes, despite the falls and steps back it seems.

One aspect I have on my side I seem to forget is I'm still here, I'm still here, I'm me.


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