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52 48.

Foreword: The joke that is Brexit. If like me, faith in a democratic voice being listened to by our elected representatives has died. It would seem a campaign to leave the European Union was mainly based on lies. Proven, I'm not sure we'll ever know the truth. However, had we known the complete farce it would turn into with the deals needed to leave. And the almost child like arguments between the UK and other member states, would we have voted differently? Who knows? My feelings in verse on the Brexit shenanigans are below.

Brexit, the call to exit The vote of the people spoken

Policies politics got in the way Trust of a nation broken

Time to take stock To leave the lump of rock We were once a major part of

52 48 split a country in two This country once great That millions want to step off is true

Come the end of October Boris is shutting the door Expects all to roll over

Deal or no deal and on he goes And on he continues to roar

No sense does he see A nation on its knees With frustration at Etons so called elite

Who plows on With a chant On us all will he cheat?

His own agenda in mind Our voice left behind

The voters he won't rate Ignores our berate Of the ignored 52 48..

(©) Dom Giddy 2019

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