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Self deceipt is discrete

Usually you see

Acquired in the mind

No transactional purchase

No issued receipts

No trace, no trail

Unrecognisable detail

No discernable footprints to find

It's the blind leading the blind

Ain't no trip of a lifetime, only..

Tripping over flora and fauna

No map given or taken

Lead away from the trauma

On this ramble

Around the edges of my roulette wheel

Threw my die

Watch them land

Pray they fall even as with my mind I gamble

What do I find?

An uneven pathway in my mind

As with myself I compete

So deeply within

Vanity draws me in

Standing at the door

Wearing shiny whistle n flute

Fake smile resolute

With sales pitch and grin

Black market interactions

Are this minds transactions

Straining to hear

Through the hollering and din

Of who shouts the loudest

Inside a minds deceptive den

Emotions compete

Bang their chest

King Kong gorilla King

Stands atop my minds'

Skyscraper skyline

Overshadows the less confident I

To keep me in line

Click track

In my ear

Welcoming fear

To distract

From the act of

Continually needing to

Add and subtract

What is real

How I feel

So detached from emotions

I assumed are as deep and as wide

As a tear filled ocean

Overflowed overwhelmed

By each and every motion

Taken away by the tide

Drifts away from me

My reality a distant memory

Stands on the shore with

Hand on the shoulder of my serenity

Seeking comfort from a faith

Deep within the depths of me

Deeply mined by my creator

Untapped seam of potential

Unseen by me for decades

Dust of sin in my eyes

Self deprecation torrential..

Rain falls

Washes away

Traces on my face

Drip off my chin

To me essential

Understand not all circumstantial

Enables the embrace

To be a human

In this race

Stand strong on two feet

Planted forest of oak

Defeat self deceipt

Before I lay down



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